Pomegranate tree ceramic tile mural

SKU T314
Weight 2.25 KGS
Height 18.00 (in)
Width 18.00 (in)
Depth 0.25 (in)

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The pomegranate tree ceramic tile mural


Consists of 9 tiles. Each tile is 6 x6 inches (15x15 cm)

Designed by Hagop Karakashian in 2021, beautiful red pomegranates on a tree with movement, with three shades of green for the leaves. There are two peacocks on either side of the tree with colorful plumage.

This pomegranate tree tile mural is painted on nine tiles, and ships as nine loose tiles. It can be installed in a wall indoors or outdoors, and should be grouted.

The pomegranate is a symbol of plenty, because of its many seeds.

Dimensions: 18 x 18 inches