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T74 floral surround tiles
Blue and white ceramic tiles
Blue and white ceramic tiles and borders

5 decorative hand painted ceramic mantel tiles

Decorating your fireplace tile surround with hand painted custom decorative tiles is a great opportunity for you to add your own touch and taste, to an important living space in your home.

This is where you and your family gather to spend quality time with each other. It is where you grab a book and sit in your lazy chair and enjoy a good read.

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Blue and white floral surround tiles, 6x6 inches

Blue and white fireplace surround tile, including border tiles and corners

The fireplace surround in the picture is tiled with our Blue and white floral ceramic tile, and cobalt blue border tiles with blue stripe, both affordable and authentic. Our client created a cozy fireplace for his sitting room.

The number of tiles you need depends on the dimensions of your fireplace surround or mantel.

  • Each blue and white floral tile is 6x6 inches
  • the cobalt blue border tile is 3x6 inches
  • and the corner tile is 3x3 inches.

These are the surround tiles used in the above layout

Sold out

Sold out

Blue & white floral tiles, $26

The T74 colorful floral fireplace surround tile

This fireplace surround tile is made with our T74 six inch floral tile and our T91 3x6 inch cobalt blue border tile and 3x3 inch corners. The T74 is a modular, continuous pattern design, and so is the T91 runner border tile. The quantity of tiles you need depends on your mantel surround dimensions. Contact us and we will help you figure it out.

Floral colorful fireplace tile surround
3 more decorative surround tiles

The cobalt blue peacocks, with border tiles

Cobalt blue peacock surround tiles

Cobalt blue floral pattern

Cobalt blue floral pattern fireplace tiles

Cobalt blue arabesque design

Cobalt blue arabesque design fireplace surround

Features of our ceramic fireplace tile surround:

  • Unique hand painted designs with vivid colors, made by 100+ years of experience
  • Tiles withstand the heat of a fireplace - our tiles are glazed and fired at 1850 Fahrenheit, the colors are sealed in and never wash away.
  • Tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Clean tiles with an all purpose tile or kitchen cleaner.
  • Delivery guaranteed worldwide, or your money back.

If you need help calculating the quantity of tiles for your fireplace project, or you have a question regarding shipping:

Customer success stories

Pictures and reviews of our tile for fireplace surround

John's fireplace

“Dear Jerusalem Pottery, we are so absolutely thrilled with our fireplace surround tiles! They really added a classic and impressive touch to our fireplace, which has now become the center of our family gatherings. Thank you for the wonderful tiles and service. Sincerely, John and Claudia” 

Sylvia's fireplace surround

"I had searched the internet for months looking for just the right tiles. I finally came upon Jerusalem Pottery tiles. They were beautiful and just what I wanted. The old world craftsmanship was beyond description. When we received the tiles I was expecting terra cotta instead they were fine heavy quality porcelain. I have used them every winter and they get hot. However I have never had any problems. I cannot recommend them enough." Sylvia Valentine

Wayne's fireplace surround tile

"We are very happy with the quality and appearance of these hand made tiles. I have used “Blue Willow” as a decorating theme throughout my house. When it came to re-constructing a fireplace front piece, into an existing antique British mantle, we searched on the internet for the desired blue tiles. These tiles were chosen, and we are extremely happy that we found them. Quality is definitely there. Beautiful look and substantial build. They have found a new home to a proud owner in Texas, USA." - Wayne

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