Tree of life

Tree of life ceramic tile mural

Tile mural for kitchen, bathroom wall, cook top

Tree of life tile mural, 24 x 24 inches

Customer success story

"We finally finished our kitchen update. Last to go in - this beautiful Tree of Life hand painted tile mural from Jerusalem Pottery, The Karakashian family has been making ceramic tiles in the Old City of Jerusalem for 100 years. The tiles arrived as promised, carefully wrapped, no breakage. I couldn't be happier." C. in CA, USA

The Tree of life tile mural design is based on an old mosaic pattern from the 6th century. The original is a mosaic floor located in Jericho's Hisham palace, well kept since the 6th century AD.

The one to the left is 24x24 inches, and is hand painted on nine tiles, with four gazelles, and is surrounded by cobalt blue border tiles.

The tree of life is available in different sizes. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, as a backsplash or a wall mural, or even a table top.

Ambassador tree of life tile mural layout, 30 x 42 inches

Ambassador tree of life, 30 x 42 inches

A magnificent tile layout with the Tree of life at it's center, which is surrounded by a beautiful floral pattern, and a surrounding cobalt blue border.  Dimensions: 30 x 42 inches This tile mural is the smaller version of the actual tile layout in...
Tree of life tile mural, 18 x 18 inches

Tree of life with yellow floral border

The Tree of life ceramic tile mural with yellow floral border T92 is made up of 4 central tiles with the tree, surrounded by 8 yellow Armenian floral border tiles and four corners. All 16 loose tiles are ready for installing permanently in...
The tree of life tile design on four tiles

Tree of life ceramic tile mural - 4 tiles only

The Tree of life ceramic tile mural is available as a 4 loose tile mural ready for installing permanently in a wall, stove top, backsplash, bathroom wall, kitchen wall or table top. The 4 tiles fit together like a puzzle, to form the image of the...
Tree of Life with cobalt blue border tiles, 24 x 24 inches

Tree of life tile mural with cobalt blue border

Imagine what impact this mural could have on your backsplash, bathroom or fireplace. The vibrant colors and unique design will add excitement and interest to your wall. A focal point of interest and color for your enjoyment. The Tree of life design is...
The tree of life tile mural, 18 x18 inches

Tree of Life tile mural

The Tree of life is based on an old mosaic floor design. It shows a central tree of life with gazelles grazing underneath, taking refuge and eating it's fruit. Details: Hand painted on 9 tiles 18 x 18 inches in size Code = T305 Colors: greens, yellows,...