Hand painted & colored ceramic vases

Hand decorated in Jerusalem's Old City

Hand painted ceramic vases

Hand painting a vase in my studio is a time consuming but rewarding experience.

We start by painting the black outline of the design using black paint and a hand made thin brush. The thin brush gives us the elegance and definition I strive to achieve, as seen in the picture of the bird vase. The brush work is refined, and the execution of the artwork is of a very high standard.

After the black brush work is completed, one of my artists fills in the colors. After coloring, I dip the vase in a clear glaze and fire it. The whole process from start to finish takes about a week.

The vases I decorate can be personalized. For example, if you are giving a vase as a gift, you can have the person's name painted on.

Quick View Pomegranate shaped hand painted ceramic vase

Yellow pomegranate vase

Yellow pomegranate vase A beautifuly hand painted vase shaped like a pomegranate, and painted with a pomegranate design. Does not come with the yellow roses. Height from table: about 6 inches Width at widest point: about 5 inches Price: $105