Phoenix bird

The Phoenix Bird tile mural behind stove

Unique tile mural behind stove

A unique looking bird on four tiles, on a deep cobalt blue (dark blue) background, the 4 tiles fit together like a puzzle, to form the image of the bird, painted, glazed, and fired in our kilns.

The design is available as a 4 loose tile mural ready for installing permanently in a wall, behind stove top, backsplash, bathroom wall, kitchen wall or table top.

The cobalt blue color, has been a staple ingredient in ceramic art through the ages. We mix our own cobalt blue color to get the deep attractive background you see on the above tile mural. The tiles are fired at 1850° F (1000° C), which means that the colors and glazes are sealed in permanently, and don't fade or wash away, and withstand frequent cleaning using an all purpose tile cleaner.

Quick View Wood framed Phoenix bird

Phoenix bird

A symbol of rising from the ashes, it is an exquisite bird painted on four tiles, on a deep cobalt blue background. Features 4 central tiles wood framed, with a hanger on the back for hanging on the wall. The wood frame is hand made from oak wood...
Quick View Phoenix bird  on 4 tiles

Phoenix bird on 4 tiles

Features: The 4 tiles are ready to be installed permanently in a wall (backsplash, bathroom wall) Tiles are made of ceramic, hand painted, glazed and fired in our studio in Jerusalem. They are fired at 1850 ° F (1000 ° C), which...