The walls of Jericho - Joshua & Caleb

Weight 0.25 KGS
Height 6.00 (in)
Width 6.00 (in)
Depth 0.25 (in)
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Story of Joshua & Caleb, and the walls of Jericho

The Israelites besieged Jericho. The Lord appeared to Joshua and instructed him to march around the city with all his men, encircling the wall of Jericho once every day for six days. Seven priests should each carry a ram's horn trumpet and march before the ark of the covenant. On the 7th day, the city should be encircled seven times, while the priests blow their horns. When the blare of the trumpets is heard in a long blast, all the people should give a loud shout of joy. Then the walls of the city will collapse and Joshua will be able to attack.

Joshua prepared his people and soldiers to follow God's instructions. Each day for six days they encircled the city of Jericho, the priests blowing their ram's horns and marching in front of the ark of the covenant. On the seventh day, they went around the city seven times. The seventh time around, while the priests were blowing their horns, Joshua told the people to shout. They all shouted out loud, and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. Joshua then attacked the city and captured it.


  • Hand painted on ceramic tile in Jerusalem
  • Unique gift, wall hanging and collectible from Jerusalem
  • Size = 6 x 6 inches