Moses in the bulrushes

Weight 0.25 KGS
Height 6.00 (in)
Width 6.00 (in)
Depth 0.25 (in)
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In Egypt, a son was born to a man and wife from the tribe of Levy. Seeing that he had exceptional qualities, they hid him for three months, fearing that the king of Egypt would find him and kill him. The king of Egypt wanted to kill all Hebrew male newborn babies, because they posed a threat to his kingdom. When the mother could no longer hide him, she made a basket out of bulrushes, and put baby Moses in it and laid the basket near the river bank among the reeds.

His sister watched the baby from afar as the pharaoh's daughter came down to the river to bathe. She noticed the basket among the reeds and had it brought to her. She opened it, saw baby Moses, and knew that he was one of the Hebrew's children. The pharaoh's daughter brought a Hebrew woman to nurse the child. The child grew, and the pharaoh's daughter took him as her son. She called him Moses, because she drew him from the water.


  • Hand painted on ceramic tile in Jerusalem
  • Unique gift, wall hanging and collectible from Jerusalem
  • Size = 6 x 6 inches