Weight 0.13 KGS
Height 3.00 (in)
Width 6.00 (in)
Depth 0.25 (in)
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Yeshua, the name of Jesus as it was written in His time

The Hebrew name of Jesus - Yeshua - as it was written on an ossuary dating from the time of Jesus, found in a rock cut tomb in the vicinity of Jerusalem. The Hebrew and Aramaic name "Yeshua", Jesus, is a late form of the Hebrew "Yehoshua", and was a very common name during the first century. The meaning of the name Yeshua is "Yahweh is salvation", or "Yahweh saves", and is alluded to in Matthew 1:21 and Luke 2:21. Yeshua therefore refers to the Savior and was one of the Christian ways of naming and identifying Jesus.