Peacocks and pomegranate tree

SKU T310
Weight 3.00 KGS

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Add color to your backsplash, bathroom, or outdoor installation

A joyful colorful garden scene - a pomegranate tree with peacocks. This tile mural is my own design and is hand painted on 12 six inch tiles. The background is turquoise/light blue, with red pomegranates. A beautiful hand painted tile mural for kitchens, bathrooms, garden patios, fireplaces, table tops.


  • Hand painted on twelve 6 inch tiles
  • 24 x 18 inches in size
  • Price = $489
  • Code = T310
  • Colors: the background is turquoise, branch is green, there are cobalt blues, oranges and greens.


  • US - $64
  • Canada - $58
  • Australia - $58
  • UK - $49
  • Germany or France - $49

Note on the second picture of the kitchen backsplash:

The client who sent me this picture, bought the blue strip/border at her local tile store separately. You can do the same if you'd like a border around the tile mural. My borders are wider, like this. Take a look at the third and fourth pictures.

You can also choose to add a different color border. It all depends on your color scheme, lighting in your space, and ultimately, what you like. Tile what you like, and like what you tile. Email us if you need help.