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5 ways to use tile murals for home interior design

The advantages of using such a tile mural to decorate your kitchen wall are many, ranging from the practical to the aesthetic. First, you need to tile your backsplash to protect your kitchen wall from heat, moisture, grease stains etc., to which the kitchen wall is subject to, and a ceramic tile mural is a great way to do just that.

Tree tile mural in backsplash cook top


Second, you don't have to use plain field tiles to cover this important area. You can use a tile mural with a unique design, adding a splash of color above the counter top. The backsplash becomes an important design element in your kitchen. You use your kitchen every day and have visual contact with the backsplash every day. Therefore its important to choose a tile design that appeals to you, so that you can enjoy being in your kitchen for many years to come.

Here are some photos of tile murals in kitchen backsplashes. The tree of life tile mural is used in both of these backsplashes. In the first picture there is a cobalt blue border around the tree, and in the second picture, there is a yellow floral border around the tree. Both tile murals are 18 x 18 inches. The Tree of life comes in different sizes if you need it to be larger.


Tree backsplash
Tree tile mural in backsplash over the oven


If your backsplash is larger (more height and width) then you can use larger tile murals . In the picture below, the height is 30 inches, and the width is about 42 inches. A modular tile design was used here (continuous interlocking pattern tiles) to create this unique backsplash. Each tile is 6 inches in size. If you have a similar backsplash, you can use a 30 x 18 inch tile mural design also, like the unique Birds of paradise or the Palm tree mural.


Modular pattern backsplash
Continuous tile pattern in backsplash


The same tile pattern as above is used in the backsplash shown below. Here the height is a standard 18 inches, which fits 3 six inch tiles. The design runs along the entire width of the backsplash creating a rich floral dominantly blue pattern.


Modular design backsplash
Floral tile pattern in backsplash


If you have a smaller backsplash, you can use smaller tile murals as seen below. Here the backsplash area which can be tiles is 12 inches high, and 2 sets of Floral Blue and white tiles were used to give a splash of color.


Smaller backsplash design
Blue and white floral tiles in backsplash


In the same kitchen, another set of Blue and white floral tiles was used in a wall perpendicular to the backsplash:



The Blue and white floral tile murals come in different sizes, and with or without border tiles. Choose a unique tile mural for your backsplash. If you have any questions, email us.

Part 2 of the article is coming soon, and will be covering tile murals in the bathroom.


Written by Hagop Karakashian
Armenian tile artist